Hospitals in Vietnam: A Comprehensive Guide for Expats

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If you’re planning to travel or even relocate to Vietnam, one of the most important considerations is access to healthcare. Regardless of where you are in the world, unexpected medical issues can arise, and being prepared is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore the healthcare system in Vietnam and how you can access medical services when needed.

Does Vietnam Provide High-Quality Healthcare?

As of 2016, Vietnam had a total of 1,346 hospitals, with 1,161 public hospitals and 185 private hospitals. The quality of healthcare in Vietnam varies depending on whether it’s a public or private hospital. While Vietnam is working towards providing universal healthcare to all its citizens, approximately 80% of the population currently has coverage. The government also covers full or partial healthcare costs for certain low-income groups and professions. This has resulted in public hospitals primarily serving those with government or government-subsidized healthcare, while private hospitals cater to those who can afford it and find the public system inadequate.

Public Hospitals in Vietnam

If you’re from Western Europe or North America, public hospitals in Vietnam may not meet the standards you’re accustomed to. Additionally, it’s likely that the doctors, nurses, and staff will only speak Vietnamese. Western visitors often find public hospitals overcrowded and inadequate.

Private Hospitals in Vietnam

On the other hand, many private hospitals in Vietnam are specifically designed to cater to Western expats and visitors. In major cities like Ho Chi Minh City, private hospitals employ doctors from countries such as Korea, France, Japan, the United States, as well as Vietnamese doctors who have received international training. Language barriers are less likely to be a problem for those who speak English or French.

Some of the best private hospitals in Vietnam include:

  1. City International Hospital (Ho Chi Minh City): With a capacity of 320 beds and 21 specialties, City International Hospital is the top-ranked international hospital in Vietnam. It serves over 400,000 patients annually, and 25% of its patients are foreigners. Văn Phòng Tuyển Sinh Y Dược Hà Nội

  2. Hoan My Medical Corporation: This well-regarded chain operates seven hospitals and one clinic across Vietnam. Hoan My Medical Corporation offers a wide range of specialties, including gastroenterology, cardiology, gerontology, obstetrics, gynecology, and pediatrics.

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It’s essential to note that most highly regarded private hospitals are concentrated in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. If you’re planning to travel to rural areas, it’s important to be aware that access to comprehensive medical care may be limited. In such cases, you may need to return to one of the major cities for the medical attention you require.

Healthcare Costs in Vietnam

Healthcare costs in Vietnam are generally lower than in the United States and other Western countries. However, expats and visitors can expect to pay more than local residents, especially for private care. It’s crucial to have insurance coverage to ensure you are financially protected. Moreover, if you plan on spending a significant amount of time in Vietnam, make sure your insurance is accepted by private hospitals and covers neighboring countries like Thailand and Malaysia, as many people travel to these countries for major medical procedures.

Access to private hospitals in Vietnam is vital for a safe and enjoyable time in the country. To ensure you’re fully covered, choose the right international insurance plan that fits your needs.

In conclusion, Vietnam offers a range of healthcare options for expats and visitors alike. While public hospitals may not meet everyone’s expectations, private hospitals cater to international standards. Make sure to do your research, have the appropriate insurance coverage, and be prepared for any medical emergencies that may arise during your stay in Vietnam.

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